August 4, 2015 Preps

Loaded up 700+ rounds of .45acp FMJ ammunition.  You may think that is a lot but a day at the range can burn up several hundred rounds.  .45acp is my handgun round of choice because there are so many choices for firearms and it is a better all purpose round than 9mm.

I also ordered a few more supplies from  I got a cool new hammock, extra survival blankets that will be divided up among my various backpacks, bug out bags and vehicles.  I use some of them as true blankets but with a slight modification they also become very light, easy to pack shelters.

Finally, I purchased a spare ceramic water filter as a backup. This should be able to filter 1000+ liters of water in an emergency.  As I live in the Pacific NW I live within a couple hundred yards of a fresh water stream and plenty of lakes and rivers.  Don’t forget that survival become difficult after 3-5 days without fresh water.