Satellite down…

After being a SiriusXM subscriber for over 15 years I finally left.

Originally I had subscribed to the service to listen to Howard Stern and enjoyed his show for a good 10+ years. However, his show evolved into a bitter and sarcastic daily rant that lacked the humor of old. I found his show made me more angry every day rather than entertained.

Fortunately the service offered far more than Howard. As an avid NFL football fan (and more importantly a fan of the Seattle Seahawks) I really enjoyed the NFL channel. Their insights both during the season and off where really interesting and the regular callers were fun to get to know. Huge fan of Jim Miller and Pat Kerwin.

The music channels started out great but I found more and more ads and talk creeping into each one.  Maybe not to the point of terrestrial radio but enough to be annoying. That said they still have some really good playlist on some of the decades oriented channels, rock, country and I particularly liked First Wave.

When my Toyota FJ Cruise was tragically taken from me last November I no longer needed my subscription. That was when I decided to cancel my subscription. When I called to cancel the SirusXM rep went through their normal process with includes a scripted process of offering you services for a discounted rate. As I have essentially every channel I believe I was paying something around $15/month (although it could have been closer to $20).  By the end of the process SiriusXM offered me service for the same package for $6.99/month. They also called 2 weeks after my cancellation with the same offer.

If you are currently paying for SiriusXM you should really try to make sure you are getting the best price.