My new truck

My new Toyota Tundra is schedule to be delivered next week (February 14th). I am already in love with this truck so Valentine’s day would be a fitting delivery date. Now if the railcars and dealership can stick to the plan I will be a happy man.

This truck is a replacement for my 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser which was tragically ended by a deer last November. Originally the plan was for my FJ was to be a car for my daughter to have for inclement weather but that was not to be. I loved that car…

I am so excited to be getting a new Toyota and a full sized pickup to boot. I have been doing my research and I am set on the Tundra over the F-150, Ram and Silverados. My experience with Toyota has been excellent. My FJ was in fantastic share and running very well at 310,000 miles with routine maintenance. I expect my Tundra to be here for the next decade or longer.

So this truck will be the 1794 edition sporting the Advanced Options pack which was a toss up over the TRD Offroad. Ultimately I think the Advanced Options will be a better fit for us and I can still take it where I need to go off road. I may be upgrading the tires for those adventures.

I have also added the Toyota TRD skid plate for the front protection and will be adding plated protection for the catalytic converters (since I live in an area where they are stolen frequently). Besides that I think I will add a removeable hard folding tonneau cover for some secure storage in the bed when I am using it for everyday driving.

Stay tuned for more information and check out my YouTube channel for uploaded videos of the truck and our adventures in it.