Today was a gorgeous Monther’s Day, really a bit on the “too warm” side, especially for May. It is currently 82F. First day I turned on the AC for 2020.


Well it was Sunday and Mother’s Day too so didn’t get any real work done.  Though a bit about my upcoming Microsoft Teams presentation content but that was about it.


Today was Kim’s 23rd true Mother’s Day and she had to spend most of it at the hospital. The kids and I did some year work that she usually does with them.  Next year will be a better year for that.

Last night went over to Don’s for the first UFC fight in a while, it was nice to be somewhat normal after 6 weeks of quarantine. Had some BBQ and cake! 

Claire made us all some Thai Shrimp Risotto and it was fantastic. Going to chill out tonight and relax.  Might be time to schedule some vacation time as the weekends are too short, especially when you are working from home all week.