We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

I just finished the trilogy of the “We Are Legion” book series and really liked it. I won’t say love for one reason. I felt the finally felt rushed and anti-climatic. However, the journey to get there was fun and entertaining. I think a movie series or even TV show based on these books would be great.

The story reminds me of a blend between “Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe” blended with “Star Trek”. The story follows the adventures of Bob who is an AI construct built from the consciousness of a 21st century tech millionaire. Bob is your average Silicon Valley made millionaire who is frozen upon death and “revived” as an AI some century later. The world has changed a bit and Bob finds himself loaded into a vessel capable of interstellar travel.

Not looking to spoil much so suffice to say that Bob runs into many adventures, some familiar others not. Overall, the story provides action, adventure, humor and humanity. If you are a fan of stories like “Hitchhicker” or “Ready Player One” I think you would enjoy these books.