New 3D Printer for 2018


I have been 3D printing for about 18 months now. Recently I found a deal on a new printer that I couldn’t pass up. I am pleased to announce the arrival of the Monoprice Ultimate 3D Printer. This is a solidly built printer that can fit on most desktops, it’s easy to use and relatively quiet. It does good work with PLA so far and I will be trying ABS soon. the print volume is basically 7″ square (really about 200mm).

It came with the printer, a basic tool kit for maintenance and a spool of clear PLA. The clear PLA is a material I hadn’t used before so I so it to work printing a crystal key from “Ready Player One” that I grabbed from

So far this printer is great. My only complaint so far is that it doesn’t have auto bed leveling but it’s fairly easy to calibrate. On the plus side it is very well engineered and easy to maintain. Clogs are easy to fix with the included tool kit and don’t occur often anyways. I do recommend adding a glass bed to it that you can get on Amazon for about $15.