3D Designed Dillon Toolhead Stand

As a reloader of ammunition I like to keep me work area tidy and organized.  I also like t have easy access to the tools I need so that my processes don’t get really impacted when I need to make changes.  That is why I designed and printed several of these toolhead stands.  The stand is designed to hold the shell plate, buttons and powder funnel for a specific caliber setup for the Dillon 550c progressive press.

I created this designed using the Microsoft 3D Builder application that is included free with Windows 10.  I have printed on both my Robo R1+ and my MonoPrice Maker Ultimate printers.

The files to print this stand can be found here:


I recommend using PLA but other materials will likely work.  These are printed with a 50% infill and thinker walls to provide better longevity.

Before Thingiverse reset their site and stats it had been downloaded over 500 times.  I hope my fellow Dillon owners enjoy using it.